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Call for Volunteers for the Ad-hoc Members Working Group on Drafting a Policy Statement for APTLD

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13 June 2023

The Background

APTLD (the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association) is a membership-based, non-for-profit organization that serves ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) registries in the Asia Pacific region.

At its 84th Members Meeting in September 2023, APTLD will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, and KISA as the Meeting Host proposed to hold a High-Level Meeting on its sidelines to discuss and adopt an APTLD Members Policy Statement to outline the community’s commitment to common values and objectives as a call for action for years to come. The Board supported the idea and suggested that there should be formed an ad-hoc Working Group to draft a document as per the APTLD Policy Development Process.

The Objective

The objective of the Working Group will be to draft a Policy Document for APTLD, which should highlight the community’s common values and objectives for years to come and help APTLD reach out to other I* organizations in the region for its support and a meaningful collaboration in order to uphold the values and to attain the objectives in question.

It is envisaged that such a document will be discussed and adopted by Members’ representatives at a High-Level Meeting in Seoul on 18 September 2023.

The Workload and Modus Operandi

It is anticipated that the WG Members will need to commit at least a few hours of their time in the lead-up to APTLD84 to complete the work by late-August 2023.

During its tenure, the WG will meet regularly via Zoom, but at least once a month. The WG meetings will be scheduled based on input provided via a poll amongst members.

Upon conclusion of the Working Group’s work, its Chair is expected to present the final report to both the APTLD Board and the High-Level Meeting Participants.

Who Can Join the WG?

Membership in WG is open to both Ordinary and Associate APTLD Members, and the number of WG Members, including representatives of the same APTLD Member is not limited. The background in law, international relations, legal affairs and Internet Governance is a desirable but not necessary qualification for joining the WG

How to Join the WG?

Interested Members are encouraged to send an e-mail sec@aptld.org indicating their intention to join the WG. In your email, kindly refer to your affiliation with a particular APTLD Member.

The Deadline

The deadline for this Call is 23:59 Singapore time (UTC+8) Friday 30 June 2023.

Next Steps

At its inaugural call after the deadline WG Members are expected to adopt the WG Charter and elect Chair and launch the working process.

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