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Call For Expressions of Interest for The Position of General Manager

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Deadline for submissions is 15:00 UTC 15 August 2024

We are currently looking for an experienced General Manager on a full-time basis to supervise and control all strategic and business aspects of Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD).


The 70 member plus–strong APTLD encompasses the Asia Pacific region and is the largest Regional Organization for country code top-level domain managers worldwide.


Out of its two classes of Members, Ordinary ones are based in Asia Pacific economies, while Associate Members scatter across Asia, Europe and the Americas.


The APTLD Board, which is elected by and out of our Members, and General Manager are keen to further expand the organization, more intensively engage with the ccTLD managers and ensure greater benefits for them from APTLD’s outreach and capacity-building projects, and community advocacy initiatives.


Their operation is supported by the Secretariat, Accounts and Data Analyst.


Guided by its Constitution, APTLD provides a number of functions:

It provides a forum for members to exchange best practices in the technical, commercial, organizational and policy and regulatory areas; participate in Members Meetings, workshops, webinars, and other dedicated capacity-building and technical assistance projects.


APTLD awards various kinds of fellowships and facilitate members’ interaction with centers of expertise and excellence both in and outside of the region.


APTLD represents the regional ccTLD community at ICANN, APEC, ASEAN, the global IGF, and other international fora and keeps Members updated on developments on different fronts.


Our activities are sponsored out of our Members’ annual contributions and in exchange all our projects and initiatives for Members are delivered at zero cost for them.


The successful candidate will be the first in command and responsible for implementing the proper strategic direction, as well as creating a vision for success and ready to help the Association stay on course; providing inspired leadership to the team; shaping and leveraging a robust corporate governance culture, and championing a great working relationship with our Membership and the regional and global stakeholders engaged in the Internet Governance processes.


A mature executive and an inspiring leader, the ideal candidate will have a mindset enabling her/him to see the “big picture” in a variety of settings and effectively combine business-oriented practices with NPO-specific ones. (S)he will take actions to secure the Association’s financial standing while keeping its unique mission in perspective. The goal is to drive APTLD’s advancement while preserving its legacy and guide it towards long-term success.


If you are interested, please forward your expression of interest to sec@aptld.org by deadline.


Regarding the Job Description, please refer to the attachment.

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