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The New Working Group Has Been Formed

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Pursuant to the Call for Volunteers for a New Working Group, APTLD is pleased to announce that upon the closure thereof the following Members have volunteered for Working Group on Development of The APTLD Strategic Plan For 2025-2027 (DSPWG-3):

Mr. Andrew Molivurae (.VU)
Mr. Atsushi Endo (.JP)
Mr. Evgeny Kuskevich (.SU)
Mr. George Pongas (GoDaddy)
Mr. Marwan Radwan (.PS)
Mr. Santanu Acharya (.IN)
Mr. Saysomvang Souvannavong (.LA)
Ms. Sophie Mitchell (.AU)
Ms. Sveta (Huan) Shen (.CN)

The newly formed Working Group will be tasked to develop an APTLD Strategic Plan for 2025-2027 and after its review by the community, to submit it to the Board for approval.

It is envisaged that the Working Group will hold its inaugural session soon. In the meantime, on behalf of the APTLD community we would like to extend our profound thanks to the volunteers for DSPWG-3!

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