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APTLD Board Meeting Communiqué (25 February 2021)

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On 25 February 2021, the APTLD Board held a regular teleconference meeting and considered a range of matters. A summary of the Meeting is published in this Communiqué.

Farewell and Thanks to Mr. Qiang Li, Ms. Min Jung Park and Mr. Alireza Saleh, the outgoing Board Members

The Board expressed its deep appreciation to Mr. Qiang Li (.CN), Ms. Min Jung Park (.KR) and Mr. Alireza Saleh (.IR), for their excellent service to the community and wished them every success in their future endeavours.

Election of the Office Bearers

The Board discussed the matter and re-elected Ms. Ai-chin Lu (.TW) as the APTLD Board Chair, Mr. Brent Carey (.NZ) as the Vice Chair, Mr, Anlei Hu (.CN) as the Treasurer, and re-elected Mr. Erhan Karabardak (.PG) as the Secretary.

Review of, and Discussion on, the APTLD79 Outcomes

The Board noted with much satisfaction that APTLD79 and AGM were a success and thanked GM and Secretariat for its organization and conduct.

Being the second online Meeting in a row, it proved to be of interest and relevance to the community and contributed to the spirit of innovation and cooperation among the Membership. The Board also suggested GM and Secretariat explore options for employment of professional services to enhance the event and bolster the efficiency of the conduct of future online Meetings.

The Board commended and thanked TRA of Oman, the .OM team for their commitment to hosting the Meeting, as well as RIPE NCC and GoDaddy Registry LLC for their sponsorship and proactive contribution to APTLD79.

Update on the Status of the Major Initiatives and Projects

The Board received the GM’s update on the matter and noted that the online mode has posed a great challenge to the ongoing and prospective projects implementation. The Board suggested APTLD proactively look for ways and means to keep the projects on track.

State and Execution of the 2021 APTLD Budget

The Board noted with much satisfaction the membership’s strong commitment and fiscal discipline which drives a solid fiscal performance in 2021 and expressed its profound gratitude to Members.

Progress in Preparations for APTLD80

The Board received an update on the matter from Mr. Brent Carey and concluded that the present circumstances make it imperative to hold the Meeting in the online format.

The Board is going to further promptly plan out the Meeting agenda to ensure its virtual co-location with the Pacific IGF, identify a time zone suitable for most Members, and suggested GM should put this updated agenda out for public comments.

Review of Afilias’s Request for the Member’s Name Change

The Board considered a request by Afilias, an Associate Member, for the change of its name to Donuts due to a recent acquisition by the latter and consented to such a change, and suggested GM and Secretariat complete necessary formalities in that regard.

The Board also considered a number of other administrative matters.

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