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An APTLD74 Fellow’s Testimonial by Zainab Al-Farsi

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Testimonial of Zainab Al-Farsi, an APTLD74 Fellow

Overall it is a great meeting, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers in an engaging and informative atmosphere. For a ccTLD registry, the APTLD meeting is of high importance as the content is highly relevant to our day-by-day work. Every session has a learning opportunity, I learned from the “members updates” session a lot on different approaches members have shared to overcome common challenges we are facing. I also liked the “Marketing: The Art of Enchantment” session where different stakeholders share their marketing strategies and ideas which I felt we could adopt.

Left with a long list of ideas for both short and long-term improvements back ‘home’ but the most important thing to takeaway is that we have to act now especially in opening up the .om policies as the industry is threaten by different new players among them is the social media.

As for the procedures and logistics of the Scholarship, I cannot ask for more, since from the beginning of applying for the scholarship to the end of the meeting everything was smooth and easy. The request for the scholarship was made on time and was answered in a timely manner without delay. Representatives of APTLD performed the logistics immediately after the announcement of the results of the grant. When it was time to travel, the organization’s representatives made sure that everything was fine and I was received at the airport as soon as I arrived. It was not the end here. During the meeting and after the meeting, representatives of the APTLD made everything possible to make attending the APTLD meeting such a pleasant and great experience. 

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