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APTLD regularly holds webinars on a broad range of topics for its Members to share best practices and ensure an efficient expertise and know how transfer.

Webinars Archive
An APTLD How-To Webinar
29 July 2020

APTLD has conducted a webinar for Members. A part of APTLD’s signature How-To series, the webinar was based on findings of a recent Membership survey and focused on registry-registrar relations.

The panel of speakers featured registrars – Mr. Ching Chao (Bradma, Taiwan), Mr. Dusan Stojicevic (Gransy, Czech Republic), Mr. Munir Badr (AE Server, UAE) and Mr. Yusuf Nurracham (Rumahweb, Indonesia). The online event drew over 20 APTLD Members’ representatives and participants from its sister Regional Organization in Latin America.

The panel discussion and interactive breakout sessions allowed interaction and teamwork resulting in the crafting of Dos and Dont’s, as well as an exploration of best practice, to help APTLD Members promote good practices and shape their strategic registry development plans.

A recording of the webinar is available to APTLD Members on request. 

A How-To Webinar for APTLD Members and Guests
16 June 2020

APTLD successfully completed its signature monthly webinar of the How-To series.

Delivered by Dr. WANG Wei, a prominent Chinese researcher and practitioner in the Internet technology area, the webinar let the attendees get first-hand knowledge of how to set up and market public DNS.

The online event drew over 20 participants from all the APTLD’s sub-regions. Also, committed to furthering the cooperation and knowledge exchange between Regional Organizations, APTLD welcomed representatives of the LACTLD and AFTLD communities at the webinar.

In the time of the global pandemic, APTLD makes every effort to regularly hold How-To webinars for the Membership to keep the community abreast of the ongoing and prospective developments in the administrative, legal marketing and technical areas and promote collaboration and best practice and knowledge exchange .

For more details about this and upcoming events please contact the APTLD Secretariat at: sec@aptld.org

APTLD Successfully Delivered a “How-To” Webinar
20 May 2020

Based on a recent “Lessons from Lockdown” survey on its Ordinary Members, APTLD has developed and successfully conducted another regular webinar of its “How-To” series.In an effort to promote innovation and ensure genuine interaction during the online event this time, APTLD came up with a new, experimental webinar format  which encouraged blitz group discussions and brainstorming to tackle challenges its members have faced during the lockdown and to share good practices developed in response to them.While the survey findings are to be shared with the Ordinary Membership only, a general report on the survey and webinar will be unveiled at ccNSO sessions at the virtual ICANN68.

APTLD Held a Groundbreaking How-To Webinar
13 April 2020

APTLD has successfully completed a groundbreaking webinar on “How to set up a Security Operations Center”. 

The How-To series of webinars was launched in response to Members’ requests for online information and expertise sharing in the COVID-19 affected world.

Committed to the principle of close collaboration between Regional Organizations, APTLD has opened the webinar for AFTLD, CENTR and LACTLD memberships.

Delivered by Nordic experts Messrs. Arne Øslebø, senior security analyst/engineer Uninett CERT and task co-leader at GÉANT GN4-3, and David Heed, product owner at SUNET C/SOC and task co-leader at GÉANT GN4-3 SOC-tools and architecture, the webinar got together APTLD and CENTR Members who were walked through fundamentals of and main steps in building a viable SOC and software/architecture solutions that allow one to optimize the cost/benefit ratio.

The webinar materials have been shared with the audience shortly after the event.
It is envisaged that such webinars will continue to be organized on APTLD Members’ requests for specific subjects of their prime concern.

APTLD would like to thank Uninett, SUNET and Mr. Patrick Falstrom and Netnod for their facilitation and assistance in arranging the webinar.

For more information on this and upcoming events please visit www.aptld.org or contact the Secretariat at: sec@aptld.org.

APTLD Webinar on UDRP Successfully Completed
28 February 2020

APTLD has just completed a Webinar on a ccTLD registry’s practice of developing and applying UDRP-based rules for its nation. Delivered by Dušan Popović, Professor of business law at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and President of the Serbian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Institute, the online event gave a chance to APTLD Members get first-hand analysis, insights, and comments from a renowned practitioner, and enhance their understanding of  the concept of trademarks and other protected marks out-of-the-court protection procedure.

With the Webinar having become the premiere for RNIDS, that has recently joined APTLD as an Associate member,  we thank very much Dusan for his time and a highly professional and detailed coverage of UDPR-related issues and look forward to  further interaction with him and RNIDS for the benefit of Asia Pacific ccTLDs.

APTLD remains committed to the continuation of the practice of delivering Webinars for its Members as a part of its mission to promote information and best practices among the Membership.

Webinar on DPO and GDPR for APTLD
31 October 2018

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018, European citizens gained significant protections over how their personal data is used worldwide. This “long arm” legal effect means that any ccTLD, wherever they are based, is now subject to the GDPR if they accept registrations from within the EU. The GDPR provides for sanctions of up to Euro 20m for non-compliance.

In the webinar “The ccTLD Data Protection Officer and Compliance with GDPR: Lessons from Nominet”, Mr. Nick Wenban-Smith, the Data Protection Officer of NOMINET, a leading European ccTLD registry, will explain how in practice a European ccTLD registry handles compliance with GDPR obligations, with specific emphasis on the role of the Data Protection Officer. Nick will highlight some of the myths and rumours about GDPR, and help guide APTLD members towards compliance without undue expense or inconvenience.

Members are encouraged to participate in the webinar which will be held at 8am UTC to 9am UTC on 20 November 2018.

To participate in the webinar please fill in the Doodle Poll by using the link to be sent out across the Members mailing list. The Poll will close at 12:00 am (Beijing time) 19 November.

Due to the limited connections on the Adobe Connect platform, the registration for participation in the webinar will be arranged on the first come, first served basis.

Should you have any questions, please contact GM and/or Secretariat.

Webinar on GDPR
8 May 2018

APTLD has just completed a Webinar on GDPR and WhoIs. Delivered by Mr. Graeme Fearon of Thrings Solicitors, a leading British Legal Consultancy, the online event was well attended, and Members had a chance to get the first-hand analysis, insights, and comments from a renowned legal practitioner, and enhance their understanding of the most challenging subject matter that is going to affect their business.

The APTLD community thanks Graeme and Thrings Solutions for their time and a highly professional and detailed coverage of the GDPR-related issues and looks forward to future opportunities for engaging with them for the benefit of end-users in the Asia Pacific region.

APTLD remains committed to the continuation of the practice of delivering Webinars for its Members as a part of its mission that lies particularly in ensuring information and best practices exchange to further bolster their capacity.

The Webinar on DNNSEC for .AF and local ISPs in Kabul
2 June 2017
The Webinar on DNNSEC for .AF and local ISPs in Kabul

On 30 May 2017, the .AF ccTLD registry, APNIC and APTLD teamed up to deliver a groundbreaking webinar on DNSSEC for the registry staff and representatives of the local technical community. 

The webinar was delivered on the .AF registry’s request as a part of an APTLD’s commitment to help bolster members’ capacity voiced at its 70th Members Meeting in Bangkok in September 2016. 

The room was full and local technical experts were all eyes and ears during a session that originally had been scheduled for an hour but due to a huge interest and many poignant and relevant questions from the audience was extended for another 60 minutes. 

“was really perfect for us andpresented the DNSSEC component very good. The explanation of the public key and private key concept was clear. My colleagues are happy with this webinar”,- says Ms. Nadia Hashimi, Acting Director for Information System Security of the Ministry of Communication and IT and APTLD Fellow. 

“The webinar was useful for me and for my all colleagues as it has helped increase our capacity and knowledge and also helps us in our operational area. I learned lots of new things about DNSSEC,- adds Mr. Khalil Kabirzoy, Head of the Ministry’s PKI – Information System Security Directorate, – I am looking forward to arranging such webinars for ISSD in the future and APTLD and APNIC’s support to us in increasing our capacity and knowledge”. 

“If possible, I want to extend such a webinars to cover all government entities”,- concludes Nadia. 

“We are very happy to partner with the .AF ccTLD registry and APTLD to facilitate this webinar. We are also very glad to know that this webinar was very useful for the people in the Ministry of Communication and IT in Afghanistan. APNIC has a strong commitment to support the skill development of APNIC members as well as the overall Internet community and we hope to continue our partnership with APTLD by arranging more webinars in future”,- says Nurul Islam Roman, APNIC’s Training and Technical Assistance Manager. 

“It has been a great pleasure working with the APNIC team which proved extremely efficient and attentive to our member’s requirements in preparation for the webinar. The training session was run extremely professionally from the methodological perspective, and its interactive mode enabled the class to capture even minor details, given that for many English is just a second language”,- comments Leonid Todorov, GM APTLD. 

APTLD and APNIC are hoping that the webinar has opened a new page in the long history of cooperation between the two major regional organizations as guided by an MoU signed a few years ago. They are committed to expand this good-practice case in the capacity building area across Asia Pacific for the benefit of APTLD members.

The Inaugural Webinar for ICT Pakistan
1 June 2017

The Inaugural Webinar for ICT Pakistan

The Inaugural Webinar for ICT Pakistan

18 January 2017.

APTLD has hosted the inaugural webinar at which APTLD Members- Hoster.BY (the IDN ccTLD registry for Belarus), ICTD (the IDN ccTLD registry for Georgia), IRNIC, and UANIC (the IDN ccTLD registry for Ukraine- provided peer counseling to NTC of Pakistan on optimal technical solutions to ensure a successful launch of the nation’s IDN. The Webinar was held using an Adobe Conect teleconferencing facility APTLD acquired for its members to use on an unlimited basis at all times on request and for free of course. Many thanks to the participants and congrats to the community on this truly milestone development!

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